Thursday, June 09, 2005

Virginia Fields on Air America/Morning Sedition Friday at the Strand Bookstore

Subject: Virginia Fields on Air America/Morning Sedition Friday at the Strand Bookstore
Date: 6/9/2005 6:56:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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Sometime between 6-9 AM Friday. Ambush, Anyone?

Live at The Strand - Friday!
Marc Maron takes Morning Sedition's summer tour of New York City to the legendary Strand bookstore (828 Broadway @ 12th Street) on Friday, June 10th! Flying solo, Maron kicks off our series of live interviews with the city's mayoral candidates. First up: Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields. But we're not forgetting the funny. Mordantly funny actor/author Eric Bogosian swings by, as does cartoonist Ward Sutton and comedian Jim David. Plus, some live comedy from the Morning Sedition's regular crew. Come to the Strand, check out some live comedy, grill your possible next mayor and maybe even buy a book. It wouldn't kill you to read a little. And, yes, there will be freebies.

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Morning Sedition's regular segments -- from Maron and a writing crew that includes veterans of "The Daily Show" -- include "The Liberal Agenda," Barbra Streisand's daily marching orders for all good liberals, and "Planet Bush," reports from the alternate reality in which our nation's leader operates.

Morning Sedition also breaks news. Past highlights include unearthing and airing the first national reading of "The Pet Goat," the story that kept President Bush entranced while his country counted on him to lead; the first interview with voting commission chairman "Buster" Soaries after rumors floated that the elections might be delayed in the event of a terror attack, and our breach of security during the RNC convention, demonstrating just how shoddy Pres. Bush's security measures are, even when it's his own party on the line.

Past guests include: Former President Bill Clinton, Pat Buchanan, Tim Robbins, Michael Stipe, Ambassador Joe Wilson, Gov. Howard Dean, Sen. Patrick Leahy, Sen. Bob Graham, Will Ferrell, Robert Reich, the Rev. Al Sharpton and many others.

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