Wednesday, August 31, 2005

CB9M Public Service Message: Electricity Emergency Situation

CB9M Public Service Message
31 August 2005 11:35am

Electricity Emergency Situation

CB9M has been advised by ConEdison that due to the high temperatures and high humidity currently existing in District 9-Manhattan, the electrical grid is capable of being overburdened.

These condityions make the possibility of a blackout or brownout in our District very real and conservation measures during the day will be highly appreciated.

We suggest thermostats for air conditioners be set at 78 F.

Disconnect any appliance not in use and set your refrigerator at warmest setting pssoble for the stored foods. It is also a good idea to disconnect computers and preripherals, (even if you have power-surge protection), in case of a brownout there could be a power-surge upon the recovery.

When Not in Use...Turn off the juice!!!

Please pass the word to all your friends and neighbors.



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1 comment:

Mary said...

I find it galling that CON-ED ask me, who live in a less than 2 room space to cut back!
I just walked from Times Sq. to 59 St. on Broadway and EVERY OTHER retailer door was WIDE OPEN blasting air conditioning into the 90 degree sidewalk space (to entice customers).

There should be a ten thousand dollar fine for this abuse of disappearing resources!

Con Ed can take a hike!