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full text of the e-mail Dr. Nicholas Bartha sent to FOX News

Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 21:45:25 -0400
From: "Tenant"
Subject: What to do when you don't like the Buildings Dept.


NB: search for "buildings" -- it's there several times. Also eminent domain and a host of other maladies. - Tenant

This is the full text of the e-mail Dr. Nicholas Bartha sent to FOX News and various other entities on the morning of July 10, about one hour before his Upper East Side townhouse burst into flames in an apparent gas explosion.


Being in a cavern was one of my earliest memories.

Latter I was told that we were hiding in the same cave where a jewish family was (Mandula who was a jeweler) hidden by gold mining families so they could not be deported.. We were hiding from the Iron Guard who during the retreat to Germany in 1944 were killing Hungarians.

In 1945 I went to Cluj with my grandmother where I started my first grade. During my vacation in 1946 almost daily dead bodies were taken away on horse drown carriages from Rosia Montana, killed because they were against the beginning communist regime. Later the enemies of the people were sent to build the Danube-Black Sea canal where many died. Later it turned out could not be built.

In 1947 after Rumania become the Peoples Republic of Rumania the goldmines were nationalized including my fathers by the ROSIA MONTANA GOLD MINING CO. In 1952 or 1953 my father was arrested tortured to give up kilos of gold. After he was sentenced to a prison term for almost two years. Later his prison term prevented me to be accepted in medical school in 1956.

During the 1956 October revolution in Budapest Hungary, speakers at Radio Free Europe and Voice of America promised help to the fighters, which never came with terrible results. The president was D. Eisenhower. With no hope in my country in 1957 we applied for permit to leave and I started a two-year technical school. After I finished I went to work and now with my worker background in 1960 I was accepted to the Medical School in Cluj.

My parents in 1963 were again arrested in November and in December I was exmatriculated from the university.In February 1964 the family received the permit to leave the country. My parents were still under arrest, someone from the security services came to me and told me to leave immediately because my arrest is imminent, because they could not extract any more information from my parents thinking they are still hiding gold some place to put pressure on them by arresting me.

I left in Mach 1964 and arrived in Israel on the 15th of March. My parents after being under arrest for 9 months the police let them leave.They left in August 1964 to go to Italy, Rome where I was reunited with them in December 1964 with the help of a relative who was a priest in the Vatican. I finally emigrated to the U.S. on the 25th of June 1965. I went to work to Bulova in Queens because I was paid minimum wage, I left to work at Astra Tool & Instrument Manufacturing Co, Queens. I worked as a machinist (late machine, milling machine et cetera).

Latter during my vacations while in medical school in Rome I worked in the same machin shop to pay for my education. I obtained my Green Card in the summer of 1967. I started My Medical School in Rome on September 1967.Become a citizen on August 1970.I finished the Medical School on 24th of Apr. 1974.Following I did my medical training in N.Y.


My mother's death

She was trying to get back our house in Rosia Montana Rumania for years. She was told by her doctor Dr Fridman Stanford not to go because of her condition. She was obsessed to get back our house a life's work, my parents had to pay up my father's brother and sister for their share of the inheritance. Now I understand why my mother was unsuccessful to get back our house. The Rosia Montana Mining Co. and companies from New Jersey and Canada planed to strip mine for gold, and several villages including Rosia Montana had to be condemned to be strip mined and to build a huge lake filled with cyanide to extract the gold from the strip mined or.

My mother who died in Rosia Montana was berried there. Now my mother and others from my family who were berried for centuries will be moved. If we had owned the house again which is in the middle of the village would have made it very difficult to implement their plan. In the process thousands of people will be dislocated from the oldest documented locality in Rumania with terrible environmental consequences. Rosia Montana was the most northern locality of the Roman Empire in Transylvania.

Why U.S. Company's cannot make a few holes in Alaska?

The death of my brother.

My brother died because his wife was able to divorce him with lies and help from N.Y.S., with the help of the legal Aid Society, woman's shelters et cetera. My brother had his children back after Attila Thomas Bartha born 8 26 78. Address 83 07 116 st Kew Garden N.Y.11418 was abused sexually by the mothers boyfriend in the woman shelter where he worked. He was never jailed for this act. Now my brother is dead and his ex-wife is enjoying his house. I do not know why he worked all his life

The same thing happened to me but I am still alive. Cordula you are not as lucky as Erna. Cordula developed post partum depression and latter become psychotic after she had two daughters. She refused treatment. In 1980 I was going to divorce I changed my mind because of the children. She came from an alcoholic family (designvormgeving.nl picture #14 on the Lt.as she is drinking on january18 2005). Depression was prevalent on both sides of the family the older brother and the sister were treated since child hood .

It is not clear why the younger brother died at age 34 .

Was it suicide? The father was a Bohemian German. In his family every body was a fascist the father was left leaning politically. The son of a painter a social climber who married the daughter of an attorney in Carlsbad Bohemia the Czech Republic. His family did not agree with his marriage for obvious reason. Cordula suffered of post concentration camp syndrome to. She was never deported. One of her obsession was to out Mr. Walter Klain C.E.O. of Bunge Co for 43 years who was a Jew and was hiding it and was a relative on the mother's side who was of Jew. She never actually did it. Cordula's family escaped to Holland to avoid deportation.

Although the Dutch saved the Hahn family during the war where the Hahn's fled, the family showed no gratitude towards Holland they preferred to be berried in another country. Even now the Netherlands consulate in N.Y employs Cordula.

Though the family benefited they did not consider the country to be berried in Dutch soil instead they selected Imperia Italy.

Mussolini created Imperia by uniting Oneglia and Porto Maurizio in 1923 for the support of the local population to the fascist cause. The river Imperio divides Oneglia and Porto Maurizio.

Recently during a regional elections three members of the Alternativa Sociale (Alesandra Musolinis party) in Imperia are indicted for election irregularities. (Cordula ti aspettero per sempre alle Foci Di Porto Mauricio capisci!).

On 10/17/ 01 Cordula, Serena and Johanna left, a few days after the 9/11 disaster Cordula field for divorce for mental cruelty. If one is a gold digger any lie will do. She never consulted a psychiatrist or priest or rabbi or marriage counselor!!!

She did it after I closed the joint account in which she never deposited any of her earnings and now she could not steal any longer money to send to her accounts in Holland.During the trial she had no problem to lie. Judge Lobis had no problem to accept her lies. Her attorney Donna BennickEsq was very creative and I think greedy. She failed with her practice moved to Chapel Hill N.C. She hopped this will be her kill depicted by her letters to my attorney. Sometimes I think she worked with Judge Lobis sometime in the past I have no proof but it looked like if I am right Judge Lobis should have recluse herself from the case.

Cordula claimed that she was tormented by the swastika in the kitchen between two New York Times articles, intended for Dutch extremists

The first article was concerning the Dutch abortion boats to Ireland () and latter one to Portugal When I discussed it with Cordula she thought it is very funny. She refused to have an abortion herself in 1976! I do not know why Dutch extremist have to export their social ways to another country. (One of the reasons the Dutch did not ratify the proposed European Constitution because of Holland's lows 1) same sex marriage lows, 2) anybody less than 12 years of age is considered a minor and 3) the drug lows. Who knows what other lows there are? Marine Van Den Anker member of Rotterdam's City Council advocates introduction of forced abortion and B.C. for woman from the Antilles in large numbers in Holland involved in prostitution, drug abuse and gang membership. To avoid birth of children with abnormalities. (The next project for Planed Parenthood?). Very strange concept for Holland after the Nurnberg trial.

Latter there was a second article in the N.Y.Times on adoption by Dutch, German and British pedophiles of eastern European and other children are increasing yearly. The age to be a minor in Holland is if you are less than 12 years old, for sure it has to do with the adaptation of these children. When I discussed it with Cordula she told me to get over it!

Pedophile sex tourists visit Thailand and other countries most are from Holland, Germany and BritainThis did not bother Judge Lobis as far as she was concerned the swastika was there to torment Cordula not to show the thinking of some groups in Holland. One group exporting abortion the other group importing minors for sexual exploitation.

During the trial when my lawyer bought up Cordula's psychiatric problems she run out of the court Judge Lobis had a killer look at my lawyer. He did not continue the questioning obviously he was concerned of future consequences! Judge Lobis took the side of Cordula and made her decisions to support Cordula. Judge Lobis decided to evict me from the house for which my mother, father and myself worked and paid. My parents and I lost out for the second time, as in 1947 in Rumania when the communists expropriated our house.

This is I am sure part of the American dream now legislated by the Supreme Court in 2005 the Eminent Domain low to takeaway private property for private development not for community use. Now in 2006 we see the results of this legislation.

The rift between Cordula and me started in 1999 November after an argument between Johanna who bullied everybody and Serena When I asked Cordula to help me to control Johanna. Cordula refused to get involved. Johanna had a good teacher in Cordula who is a control freak. I was dumb when I agreed for the Dutch citizenship and travel to Hollandeach year for Johanna and Serena.

Any American who wants to see the future as dreamed up by certain politicians, certain judges and organizations like AC.LU, has to study the present Dutch society. If you want to immigrate to Holland a D.V.D. is shown with man getting married kissing each other to which Muslim emigrants reacted with disgust. Theo Van Gogh was killed for his anti Muslim remarks.

Although there is no discrimination in Holland to the point that the national identity is lost there is no assimilation creating ghettoes for the foreigners. Furthermore the Polder model of resolution of conflict (owners, unions and workers) creating compromises but now the social assistance is so extreme that it takes away the need to work making taxation very high further creating a disincentive to work and the destruction of the middle class.

Johanna you should be ashamed for your act two years in January you did not do any good to yourself. You told me not to think the life with Cordula is nice or easy. It will be better now! You told me if I would know what she is doing now I would kill her! Johanna the Pink Banana it is not a good idea dead people do not suffer I hope she will stay alive to age one hundred.

Cordula must have planed the divorce for a long time she took-stole over two years from 1999 to 2001 $ 56.000.00. The money was taken out from the ATM " target=_blank eudora="autourl" ( www.courttv.com/archive < http://www.courttv.com/archive>) for example.Judge Lobis refused to hear a case of a 6-year-old boy who tried to kill himself adopted by a homosexual couple. ( www.prisonplant.com < http://www.prisonplant.com>; http://www.propagandamatrix.com/ < http://www.propagandamatrix.com>).

Decision in this case ultimately was tainted by the work of an activist Anthony De Rosa. In the biography Judge Lobis 's political association is democratic, She should change it to " Democratic Political Hack". I wonder if there is a connection between pedophilia and easy divorce and homosexuality advocated by politicians and judges for several decades.Because of representatives as Sheldon Silver the amber low and certain rape lows are not passed in N.Y.

Judge Lobis, Judge Saxe and Special Referee Marilyn Dershowitz (sister in low of A.Dershowitz Constitutional expert who still can not get over the election of President Bush for the second time, is convinced he was not elected) they disregarded many years of hard work by my parents and myself and followed their politically correct script.

In Harlem they would say my family's hard work was "Dissed"

Her/comrade Judge Lobis you went to far with your judicial activism (j. terrorism) and you created and delivered to Manhattan "Auschwitz West". I hope you and Cordula are satisfied with this achievement. Good accompaniment for 9/11. That is how you treat senior citizens who are 12.5 to 25% Jewish? missed by Adolf and the Iron Guard. I think I deserve a $ crematorium/coffin I worked for it for 65+ years. It was not easy I will talk about later.

Cordula with this you disinherited your children. Now Johanna and Serena have good reason to sign the straphanger and rent stabilization petitions and write letters to Sheldon Silver regarding rent stabilization.

Johanna you can now forget of having a fashion store or you Serena a restaurantI can uderstand if someone wants to divorce it should be easy. There should be no economic incentives in the process! The division of assets should be made, based on the contribution each person. There is no rational explanation for the present method. An automatic division is only giving more incentives to divorce. Cordula did not work for 15 years and still she is supposed to get more than 50%. When slowly she started to work I never sow her money it went to her personal account in a bank in Netherlands.

She was supposed to educate her children I do not think that a COOK and a SEAMSTRESS is a very good result. Cordula had only one responsibility and she failed!

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