Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CB9M 125th Street Proposed Rezoning ULURP Schedule

Jordi Reyes-Montblanc,. Chairman .......... Lawrence T. McClean, District Manager

Community Board 9 Manhattan
125th Street Proposed Rezoning
ULURP Schedule

Yvonne Stennett-Co-Chair
Savona Bailey-McClain- Co-Chair

Date ............................... Meeting

November 13, 2007 Information Session-Presented By City Planning- (6:30 PM)
(Joint Housing Land Use and the Harlem Piers, Economic
Development Committees sponsored)
Heritage House 1720 Amsterdam Avenue, 4th Floor

November 26, 2007 CB9M Information /Presentation Session -
(6:30 PM)
Fortune Society (The Castle)
(Between140-141st Riverside Drive)
Presentation: by City Planning.
EDC, SBS, HPD and Cultural Affairs will be in attendance.

December 3, 2007 CB9M - Public Hearing- (6:30 PM)
Fortune Society (The Castle)
Between 140-141st Riverside Drive
ULURP Committee vote directly after Public Hearing

December 5, CB9M Special General Meeting for vote –
(7:00 PM) -
Manhattan Pentecostal Church
541West125th Street

December 10, 2007 CB9M Response Due at City Planning Commission

565 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027-2301 Tel: (212) 864-6200 Fax: 212-662-7396

CB9M WestSide Harlem

* Morningside Heights * Manhattanville * Hamilton Heights


Due to a series of events the date for the Public Hearing mandated within the ULURP process for the 125th Street Rezoning application has been changed to Monday December 3rd, 2007. On November 26th (the originally scheduled Public Hearing date), at 6:30 PM, City Planning will make a presentation on the 125th St Rezoning Plan, other city agencies will also be present to address questions and concerns. This is a very important and much needed session that will help to inform and educated all of us on the proposed plan.

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