Thursday, June 21, 2007

CB9M 2007 Street Closings

Community Board No. 9 Manhattan

Street Closings
Summer of 2007

Date of Event Sponsoring Organization Location of Event Pct.

06/23/07 Church of the Crucifixion W.149th St. (bet Convent & Amst. Ave.) 30th

06/23/07 Hamilton Terrace Block Association Hamilton Terrace (bet. 141st&144th Sts.) 30th

06/23/07 Shekisha Harley Graham W.146th St. (bet Convent & St. Nicholas Ave.) 30th

06/30/07 The Children’s Enhancement Committee W. 137th Street (bet. R/S/D & B’way) 26th

07/01/07 Our Lady of Lourdes Church W. 142nd Street (bet. Amst. & Convent Ave.) 30th

07/04/07 Barbara Deas W. 146th Street (bet. Convent & St. Nicholas Ave.) 30th

07/07/07 500 Block Association W. 152nd Street (bet. B’way & Amst. Ave.) 30th

07/08/07 Convent Ave. Baptist Church Convent Ave. (bet. 144th & 145th Sts.) 30th

07/14/07 Survivors Fountain of Hope – Wellnes, Inc. W. 147th Street (bet. Convent & Amst. Ave.) 30th

07/14/07 Phase Piggy Back, Inc. Edgecombe Ave. (bet. 142nd & 145th St.) 30th

07/21/07 Church of the Master W.123rd Street (bet. Morningside & Amst. Ave.) 26th

07/21/07 St. Agnes Apartments W.130th Street (bet. Convent & 130th St.) 26th

07/28/07 150th – 155th Edgecombe Block Assoc. Edgecombe Ave. (bet. 150th -155th Street) 30th

07/28/07 Samson Lodge #65 W. 155th St. (bet. Amst. & St. Nicholas Ave.) 30th

07/28/07 B’way & Amsterdam Block Assoc. 148th Street (bet. B’way & Amst. Ave.) 30th

07/29/07 Harlem Week Riverside Drive (bet. 120th & 124th Streets) 26th

08/04/07 St. Catherine of Genoa Church W. 153rd St. (bet. Amst. & B’way) 30th

08/11/07 500 Block Association 152nd Street (bet. B’way & Amst. Ave.) 30th

08/11/07 Hamilton Pl. Playground Association Hamilton Place (bet. 140th & 141st St.) 30th

08/11/07 George Faison Fire House Theatre 124th Street (bet. Manhattan & Morningside Ave.) 26th

08/11/07 Dance Theatre of Harlem W. 152nd Street (bet. Amst. & St. Nicholas Ave.) 30th

08/17/07 500 W. 150th St. Block Association W. 150th Street (bet. B’way & Amst. Ave.) 30th

08/18/07 Community Fund Raiser W. 144th Street (bet. B’way & Amst. Ave.) 30th

08/18/07 500 Block Assoc. of 149th Street W. 149th Street (Amst. & B’way) 30th

08/18/07 General Grant Residents Association LaSalle Street (bet. B’way & Amst. Ave.) 26th

08/18/07 153rd Street Block Association W. 153rd St. (bet. St. Nicholas & Amst. Ave.) 30th

08/18/07 149th Street Block Association W. 149th St. (bet. Amst. & Convent Ave.) 30th

08/25/07 Gospel Missionary Baptist Church W. 149th St. (bet. B’way & Riverside Dr.) 30th

08/25/07 Broad/Am Block Association W. 151st St. (bet. Amst. & B’way) 30th

08/31/07 Teacher’s College W. 120th St. (bet B’way & Amst. Ave.) 26th

09/01/07 149th Street Block Assoc. 149th Street (bet. Amst. & Convent Ave. 30th

09/08/07 824 St. Nicholas Ave. Community Assoc. St. Nicholas Pl. (bet. 153rd & 155th Streets) 30th

09/09/07 Convent Avenue Baptist Church Convent Avenue (bet. 144th & 145th Streets) 30th

09/15/07 Homelessness & Housing Broadway (bet. 110th & 118th Streets) 26th

09/15/07 500 Block Assoc. of W. 149th Street W.149th Street (bet. Amst. & B’way 30th

10/06/07 Upper Westside Recycling Center Broadway (bet. 110th & 118th Streets) 26th

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