Friday, March 10, 2006

Keep NYC Wal-Mart Free

Join this gathering of Wal-Mart fighters at St. Mark's Church, hosted by Reverend Billy and neighborhood defenders from throughout New York City.

Sunday Mar 26
3 PM $10
at St. Mark's Church
10th St and 2nd Ave
, in the East Village, New York City.

St. Mark's is walking distance from subways at Union Square.
for reservations and information see

This is the first performance by the preacher and the choir since The Shopocalypse Tour - their 5,000 mile journey through the American Hell of super malls in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Uninvited stops included Chicago's Magnificent Mile, the Mall of America, Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville � and finally, the parade down Main Street USA in Disneyland on Christmas Day.

Now back in the Big Apple - The campaign to declare New York City a Wal-Mart Free Zone has begun. Not a Sam's Club out on some highway. Not one of those little fake "Neighborhood Markets" fronting for the Bentonville gang.

With the heroes of Rego Park, Queens leading the way, (they will receive Fabulous Sainthood at the March 26 show) - we are ready to meet the bulldozer of the Retail Devil! We will stop Wal-Mart here in New York City, as it hires old Bill Clinton operatives and puts a map of our city on the wall of its war room.

[ please pass this on - it is of interest to those fighting eminent domain ]

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