Thursday, March 30, 2006

Barnard Seniors Nab Swanky Singles and Suites

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Barnard Seniors Nab Swanky Singles and Suites
By Tess Brustein
March 30, 2006

Students chose the cream of the residential crop on Wednesday in Barnard�s senior housing selection, but lesser singles and many suites still remain available for suite and general selection.

Sulzberger Tower singles and 110th Street studios were all scooped up within the first two hours of selection. Rising seniors also picked up all of the suites in 620 and Cathedral Gardens. Suites that are still available for Friday�s suite selection include more than half of 600 most of 616 and 110th, and about 30 suites in Plimpton.

For general selection, which takes place on Friday, April 7, Hewitt singles are still wide open, along with 14 singles and 12 doubles in Elliott, one single and all doubles in Cathedral Gardens, and the full spread of Sulzberger Tower doubles.

While the 110th studios and 620 suites were expected to go fast, demand for Cathedral Gardens was uncertain until today. Students raised questions about the safety of the neighborhood and the building�s distance from campus as recently as Monday�s SGA meeting. But despite the concerns, every single suite in Cathedral Gardens was claimed today by senior groups.

�We were really trying to make it senior housing, and it took,� said Jeri Henry, Barnard�s housing and residential life operations manager. �People ended up picking it, so we�re delighted.�

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