Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Draft Resolution: Manhattan Borough on 197-a Plans




WHEREAS, The City Charter, in Section 197-a, authorizes community boards and borough boards to sponsor plans for the development, growth, and improvement of the city, its boroughs and communities;

Once approved by the City Planning Commission and adopted by the City Council, 197-a plans guide future actions of city agencies in the areas addressed in the plans,

WHEREAS, Community Boards in Manhattan have and will continue to submit 197-a Plans to the Department of City Planning as a Land Use Application pursuant to Section 197-a in order to commence review of the Plan through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP),

WHEREAS, Such 197-a Plans are the result of a multi-year collaborative effort of Community Boards and its residents, business owners and key stakeholders to develop a framework to guide decisions concerning public and private sector land use initiatives,

WHEREAS, Developers throughout Manhattan are expected from time to time to submit ULURP applications to change the zoning of certain portions of the borough in order to accommodate plans for expansion and/or new development,

BE IT RESOLVED, That the Department of City Planning shall accelerate its review of a Community Board’s 197-a Plan in order to expedite the certification process of the community-based plan in order to move forward to the Planning Commission and City Council review process when a Community Board submits a 197-a Plan prior to, or coincident with, the submission of a major magnitude land use proposal (197-c application) related to the same Community District,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that no land use proposals in any Community District in Manhattan be initiated, reviewed or approved prior to the completion of the review and approval process of a 197-a Plan submitted by a respective Community Board Manhattan.

12 January 2005

Prepared by CB9M Manhattanville Rezoning Task Force – Pat Jones, Chair

Revised and approved by J. Reyes-Montblanc – Chair Community Board 9 Manhattan

Resubmitted via e-mail to Manhattan Borough Board Janaury 12, 2005

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