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CB9M 2006-2007 Annual Report to Manhattan Borugh President

565 West 125th Street New York, NY 10027
Tel: (212) 864-6200 Fax: 212-662-7396

Hon. Jordi Reyes-Montblanc, Chairman,
Mr. Lawrence T. McClean, District Manager,

October 1, 2007

Hon. Scott Stringer
Manhattan Borough President
Municipal Building NY 1007

Dear Borough President Stringer:

Community Board 9 has had a very busy and productive year and half. Some of the accomplishments by Committee:

Uniform Services & Transportation: continued a close relationship with both the 26th and 30th Precincts pinpointing areas of attention and action. The same coordination with DofT and DofS has resulted in the repaving of Broadway from 135th Street down to 110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue as well as the installation of bus shelters. Sanitation has been very responsive to the committee requests.

Arts & Culture: the newly established committee has been able to attract many of the arts organizations and artist of the District. The display of “Mysteries of Columbus”
( was a success. The committee is working to develop a database of artists and to promote a cultural event, still on the works.

Piers, Waterfront, Economic Development & Consumer Affairs: The committee crowning success is the West Harlem Piers Park currently under construction and expected to be completed late Spring 2008. The committee has also tackled the redevelopment of the now closed old 135th Street Marine Transfer Station in conjunction with the 125th Street, BID, NYC EDC and the NYC Parks Dept. The committee is also working to bring activities connected with the Hudson-Champlain 400th Anniversary celebrations to the West Harlem Piers Park in 2009.

Youth Education & Libraries: The committee has successfully established contacts with the Dept. of Education and has promoted the extended opening of the NYC Public Libraries. The committee supported the parents and teachers regarding the PS 36 dispute about temporarily locating the Math & Engineering High School within this elementary school. The committee successfully promoted and supported the expansion of the Youth Summer Jobs programs for our District.

Parks & Landmarks: the committee was able to successfully support the land-marking of the old Claremont Theatre at Broadway and 135th Street and the State Registry of the old Sheffield Stables on Broadway and 130th Street. The committee influenced and successfully negotiated several renovations to land-marked buildings and are still working on several others. The committee strongly supported the Friends of Morningside Park obtaining funds from City Council to effect much needed improvements. The committee was also successful in advocating for funds for St. Nicholas Park and for the eventual relocation of the Hamilton Grange to that Park. The committee was also successful in advocating for and promoting funding for Riverside Park.

Housing, Land Use & Zoning: The committee influenced and negotiated several major development projects by Barnard College, Columbia University and other private developers. The committee also actively participated in the Manhattanville Rezoning Task Force that has been sheparding the evolution of both CB9M’s 197-a Plan and Columbia University’s 197-c Plan. The committee has also arbitrated dispute between the tenant associations and the developers of 640-644 Riverside Park which eventually will become the largest HDFC cooperative in Manhattan. The committee has also denied approval of a UDAAP that would have removed 1508 Amsterdam from the TIL program and transferred the property to a local not-for-profit – instead the building will be retained in a TIL II program where the nor-for-profit will completely gut-rehab the building prior to it being sold to the tenants and converted into an HDFC cooperative, funding streams have now been secured.

197-a Plan:
The committee accomplished not only the completion of the 197-a Plan, it has also actively worked on its on-going review with the Dept. of City Planning and recently made the official presentation of the plan to the City Planning Commission all the while actively participating participated in the Manhattanville Rezoning Task Force that has been sheparding the evolution of both CB9M’s 197-a Plan and Columbia University’s 197-c Plan. This committee, in the last 18 months, has had in excess of 300 side meetings with the community, consultants, Columbia University and many New York planning institutions.

Seniors Issues : One of the most active committees, they have advocated for longer-hours pharmacy services, for the reduced fare for seniors and free-fare during non-rush hours, as well as participated in many activities in support of senior causes.

Health, Environmental & Human Services : The committee has held several successful Health Fairs during this last 18 months, continues to advocate for the re-opening of the children’s clinic at Old Broadway and 126th Street, has held a public hearing about the potential dangers at the North River Sewer Treatment plant during black-outs and reviewed the installation of a new emergency power plant within that facility to prevent it from going out of service and the potential dangers of a black-out.

All in all Community Board 9 has fulfilled and exceeded it own standards of service and as a watchdog for the community interest.

We expect that the same will continue as we are engaged in a dual track ULURP for Columbia’s 197-c Plan and our own 197-a Plan during the 2007 Summer Hiatus and although extremely over-burdened by an office relocation move CB9M has and continues to perform at the highest levels.

Respectfully Submitted

J. Reyes-Montblanc

CB9M WestSide Harlem:
Hamilton Heights * Manhattanville * Morningside Heights

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