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CB9M 2007 Elections at a Glance by Nominating Committee

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From: "Tamara Gayer"
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Here is the final text with your suggestions incorporated. Do you want to send it out or should I?


2007 Elections at a Glance
Oct 27 – Nov 7..
Nominating Committee Poll (expect to get a call)
November 15 .... Announcing results of Nominating Committee Poll
................ Nominations from the floor at the General Board meeting
December 5th .. (projected) Candidates’ Night
December 20th .Elections at the general board meeting

The Nominating Committee Poll

1. Between the October and November board meetings, the nominating committee polls all Board members as to whom they would like to see as officers of the Board in the upcoming year.

2. Nominating committee members are not allowed to suggest candidates to Board members being polled or influence their thinking in any fashion during the poll.

3. When contacted, if a member is unsure and would like more time to think, s/he may ask the committee member polling him/her to call back (up to 3 times in total). A Board member may nominate anyone currently on the Board, including themselves, for a position regardless of whether they intend to run (this is a wish list). The only exception is the position of Chair of the Board which is Term Limited to 4 consecutive one-year terms. The incumbent Chair may be nominated and run for any other executive position. The results of the poll are only recommendations.

4. The poll can be conducted in person, by phone and/or email.

Nominating Candidates in November

The nominating committee polls the general membership and creates an initial list of candidates
Additional candidates may be nominated from the floor during the November Board meeting. Board members can nominate themselves or any other current board member. A potential candidate MUST be present at the November General Board meeting to accept the nomination.
Candidates do not, however, have to be present at the December General Board meeting when the votes are actually cast.

Be prepared for the November meeting, ask fellow Board members you would like to see nominated if they are interested in running, before the meeting.

A Board member can only run for one position in any election.
All nominations must be seconded and nominee may or may not acept the nomination. Nominees must be present at the Candidates Night or forfeit the nomination.


If a candidate accepts a nomination they must deliver a written statement of their background, qualifications and their vision for the position (up to 250 words) to the district manager in 7 days from acceptance.

All candidates must attend “Candidates’ Night”, which will be held about 2 weeks before the December board meeting, to provide a forum in which candidates can respond to questions.

Candidates will give a 2 minute overview of their position at the December board meeting.
If a member of the nominating committee, is nominated and accepts a nomination from the floor during the November meeting they automatically must step down from that committee. A replacement will be chosen at that time.

How to Vote In December

Circle one name on the ballot or write “none” if there is no candidate you support.
There are no absentee votes. All Board members who wish to vote must be present at the December General Board meeting.

You must put your signature at the bottom of your ballot. All votes are a matter of public record and can be reviewed by any board member, or member of the public after the vote.

Who Wins?

There must be a quorum present for the board to vote. A quorum, which is the same thing as a majority, is at least half of the members of the board plus one (at least 26).A candidate must have a "majority plus one" of the Board quorum present on voting night (not only more than the other guy) in order to win. In order to win a candidate must have half of the number of members present plus 2 members. For example if 30 members are present, a quorum is 16. A candidate must have at least 17 votes to carry the election.

If 2 or more people are running and neither of them gets a majority plus one, then the board votes again. In the second vote the 2 candidates with the highest number of votes from the first round, run off against each other. If the second time neither of them gets a majority then the position is opened to nominations from the floor and the process starts from the beginning.

If only one candidate is running and she or he does not get a majority plus one then the position is opened to nominations from the floor. And the process starts from the beginning.

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