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6 handcuffed in NYC church protest

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I want o pass this on the the CB9M blog:

National news
Feb. 13, 2007, 9:33AM

6 handcuffed in NYC church protest
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NEW YORK — Six women who staged a sit-in at an East Harlem church, singing hymns in the back pews and praying for the New York Archdiocese to reverse a decision to shutter the parish, were led out of in handcuffs and cited for criminal trespass.

Our Lady Queen of Angels is set to close March 1 in a broad reorganization, prompting Monday's protest vigil.

"People have been baptized here and married here, received first communion here, been confirmed here," said Carmen Villegas, 52, a parishioner for 33 years who was among those arrested. "We're going to stay in prayer," she said.

Joseph Zwilling, a spokesman for the archdiocese, said the decision to close certain parishes was not made lightly.

"Everyone had a chance to have their say as part of that process," he said.
Last month, the nation's second-largest archdiocese announced plans for realignment, closing 10 churches where services are poorly attended and merging 11 more with other parishes.

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Mary said...

Thanks for getting this out.
Many in Board 9 are active in trying to save this historic and architectually prominant church.

JRM said...

Mary has left a new comment on your post "6 handcuffed in NYC church protest":

UPDATE from NY ABC News:

Emotions run high after church arrests

... Monday night, screaming and confusion filled the church as bodyguards were sent in to push people out.

They had been praying inside the church for two days, praying the Archdiocese of New York would keep their sanctuary open. Their prayers went unanswered.

Six of them, all women, were cuffed and taken outside in the dark and in the cold, taken to jail.

full story:

[no matter what your faith the fight to save this important Harlem landmark should be of interest to all of Harlem - Mary]

JRM said...


Maybe those that want to save it should create a fund and buy it.

I find that most preservationists of other people's property, try everything under the sun, except the obvious.

Why not raise funds to buy AND maintain the properties to be preserved and protected??? - JRM