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Parking Becomes Scarcer at City College - Restrictions Placed on Convent Avenue

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Parking Becomes Scarcer at City College
Restrictions Placed on Convent Avenue
Aalia Ali
Issue date: 1/29/07 Section: News
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Media Credit: Annie Deng

"No Standing" at CCNY

Media Credit: Annie Deng

Parking After Sunset

Media Credit: Annie Deng

The signs have always been there.

Parking spaces are a rare commodity at City College and newly reinstated parking restrictions on Convent Avenue are further limiting the amount of parking spaces available to the CCNY community.

With the exception of authorized vehicles-NYC buses, CCNY buses, official vans, delivery trucks and vehicles with approved handicapped insignias-there is no standing on Convent Avenue between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Furthermore, only authorized vehicles may enter the 135th or 140th Street gates. Those who violate the law will be issued a summons from the NYPD.

According to Jordis Reyes-Montblanc, Chairman of Community Board 9, the restrictions are the result of a joint effort between the area's community board, the Department of Transportation, and the NYPD.

The terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 devastated much of the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) campus, and left the college with a shortage of space in which classes could be conducted. As a result, City College accommodated a number of BMCC classes, and was given permission to allow parking on Convent Avenue in order to compensate for parking spaces that would be lost to visiting BMCC students. A privilege that, according to Montblanc, City College took advantage of.

"Special allowance was made after 9-11 because of the Borough of Manhattan Community College," he said. "And CCNY took it upon themselves to sell parking spaces."

However, now that BMCC is no longer offering classes at City College, the city has revoked the allowance of parking on Convent Avenue. "It's gone back to the way it's been," Montblanc said.

Lois Cronholm, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at CCNY, was contacted for comment, however inquiries sent have yet to be replied.

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