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Fw: Join Us: Oil-free Day of Action in New York

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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 03:04:15 GMT
Subject: Fw: Join Us: Oil-free Day of Action in New York

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We're hosting a National Day of Action Next Wednesday, June 28th, to expose Republican oil-corruption and tell Congress we want an "oil-free" future now. Can you join us?
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Dear MoveOn member,
We launched the campaign for an "Oil-free" Congress together, because it's time to move toward a clean energy future. But Republicans' addiction to oil money is holding us back.

Next Wednesday, June 28th, we're hosting a National Day of Action to keep the momentum going. We'll come together at gas stations across the country to expose Republican oil corruption and we're going to get lots of press attention. At all of the events, gas station visitors will leave well informed about who's responsible for our addiction to oil.

With more than 250 events already planned, we're off to a great start! Can you join an event near you? Here are the details for the closest event:

National Day of Action for an "Oil-Free" Congress

Where: W. 122nd & Frederic Douglas Ave.W. 122nd & St. Nicholas ave.New York, NY

When: Wednesday, 28 Jun 2006, 6:00 PM

Link to RSVP:

Or click here to search for events near you:

Why are these events important? It's an election year and with gas prices rising and consumers feeling the pinch, Republican leaders will inevitably propose their standard slate of "solutions"—like opening up the Arctic to oil drilling and giving more tax-breaks to Exxon.

We need ideas that will make real progress on a clean energy future—not the same old ideas that keep us dependent on oil.

On Meet the Press this past Sunday, Shell's president clearly identified the problem. He said that he thinks energy independence is the "wrong direction" and he went on to say that he spends, "a lot more time on Capitol Hill" than at the White House pushing his agenda.

1 Republicans have taken millions in oil money and are pushing Big Oil's agenda as our national energy policy.

Congress needs to know that we're paying attention. We need them to start working for us, not Big Oil. Next Wednesday we're going to make it clear that we want an oil-free, clean energy future and we want it now.

Can you join us on our National Day of Action for an "Oil-Free" Congress?

Breaking the addiction to oil is the first step towards energy independence and the clean energy future we all want.

Thanks for all you do,–Nita, Matt, Tom, Eli and the Political Action Team Friday, June 23rd, 2006 Sources:
1. Meet the Press, Transcript, June 18th, 2006
Full Transcript:

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