Monday, June 12, 2006

CB9M Arts & Culture Organzing Meeting Draft Minutes



Arts and Culture Committee Organizing Meeting
Monday, June 12, 2006

In Attendance: Tamara Gayer, Vicky Gholson, Christa Giesecke, Savona Bailey-McClain, Lee-Ann Pinder, J. Reyes-Montblanc, on chair; Diane Wilson

Chair called the meeting to order and appointed all CB9M members in attendance to be members of the newly formed Arts and Culture Committee and Lee-Ann Pinder as a Public Member.

Discussion re the formation of the Committee and its future plans ensued:

1. The Committee will coordinate arts and cultural elements of Community Board 9 Manhattan.

2. The Committee will identify arts and cultural organizations, individual artists and individuals who work in actual culture production in CB9M and bring them to the table.

3. The Committee will conduct a broad survey to determine the scope and nature of the artistic community in CB9M. This would include a list of arts organizations but more comprehensively it would identify the number and type of artists functioning in our community (what is their medium/discipline, their fields of interest and their needs). This would be done not merely for statistical purposes but to bring artists into close contact with each other and to boost the visibility and viability of the artistic community in the district; The Committee will therefore survey what arts and cultural programs currently exist within CB9M and provide them support in such areas as fundraising, writing CB9M letters of support, helping them navigate city bureaucracy, etc.

4. It was noted that in addition to acting as lobbyists, promoting and overseeing projects, the Committee should consider forming an arts and cultural district.

5. The Committee should assume a pro-active posture and generate ideas—i.e. creating a Broadways Arts Festival, poetry competition, projects that partner the arts with children, etc. The Committee should serve as a brain trust, not only to develop projects in our community as it relates to the arts but also to implement such programs.

6. The importance of maintaining close ties with other committees in CB 9M was stressed.

7. It was noted that a Mission Statement must be drafted; the Committee must set objectives for the year, such as some CB9M event ofr Thanksgiving or other feasts and holidays; this should be accomplished by the September Committee meeting. The Committee should make a presentation in September at the General Board Meeting when the full Board reconvenes after summer recess.

8. The importance was reaching out to individuals, not just organizations, was discussed at length; the Committee needs to focus on the actual members of the creative community in the district. The Committee should create a list of artists and help match them with resources, grants, space for exhibits, etc., thereby assisting them to gain visibility.

9. It was mentioned that we should look at clusters, i.e. graphic artists, rather than paying particular attention to individual artists.

10. Noted: The Committee should identify what arts, what cultures we are aiming to serve. Should we include technology applied to arts and culture?

11. Noted: The Committee should act as a catalyst, whereby individuals can demonstrate their respective arts or cultural endeavors.

12. Noted: It would be ideal if the Committee was fully functional by summer 2007 when the piers start opening. Perhaps we can create special arts and cultural events/public relations to coincide with the opening. Another event we may want to consider is having an art exhibit and concert under the 12th Avenue and Broadway viaducts.

13. We should utilize space already available in the CB9M area; it was noted that there are some venues for art shows and a residence for artists in our community but many do not know of their existence.

14. It was noted that there are many journalists and artists residing in our district. We must involve them in our endeavors; such artists must be celebrated as ‘free spirits’—we need that ‘glue’ to get them to come out and get involved with the Board.

15. In conducting the survey and making its presence known as a new resource for the arts community, it was suggested that the committee use the following methods: put an item in politicians newsletters, get stories published in local papers, flyer community organizations and create a blog with a link to CB9M; also suggested that we assist in providing marketing support to such groups as Harlem School of the Arts, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Riverbank and Aaron Davis Hall and other such groups within CB9M.

16. Another idea for consideration is the Committee working with the Landmarks Committee and conducting art tours of the neighborhood.

17. The Committee should look to embrace the new banking institutions and other areas of the private sector, federal, state and local agencies as possible venues and funding sources.

18. It was suggested that the Committee look at the 197A Arts and Culture section and extrapolate important points into our Mission Statement.

19. Noted: “A desire to view the creative arts as an industry cluster with many professionals. Therefore we can start to advocate for these individuals better within our district.”

20. Noted: the Committee should view the summer months as a period of brainstorming and organizing.

21. As a follow-up to this meeting, each member should write two sentences about how we envision the Arts and Culture Committee to incorporate into the Mission Statement. Bring these thoughts/notes/bullet points with you to the next Skull Session of the Committee to be held on Tuesday, June 27th at 6:30 PM.

The next organizing meeting of the Arts and Culture Committee will be held on Monday, July 10th at 6:30 PM.

CB9M Arts and Culture Committee Mailing List:

Tamara Gayer
Vicky Gholsen
Christa Giesecke

Jordi Reyes-Montblanc
Alberto Magnan
Savona Bailey

Michael Palmer
Lee-Ann Pinder
Linda Walton

Diane Wilson

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