Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Since new noise code began in July, 135,589 noise complaints made to 311 and Hamilton Heights is still the city's loudest neighborhood.

Since new noise code began in July, 135,589 noise complaints made to 311

Tuesday, December 4th 2007, 4:00 AM

New York's noises are getting to some residents.

Muffle that music, stop that shouting and silence that song.

Since the new noise code started in July, 135,589 noise complaints have blasted into the city's 311 hotline as of Nov. 20 - a 13% increase over the same period last year.

"People know there is more enforcement and that provides a deterrence, which is the point of the noise code," said Eric Zwelling, director of Rutgers University Noise Technical Assistance Center and a consultant on the noise code.

He said the spike in complaints either suggests the city is getting noisier or there is more awareness that loud noises are against the law.

The top culprit remains "noise from a neighbor," and Hamilton Heights is still the city's loudest neighborhood.

The Department of Environmental Protection issued 1,036 notices of violations since the code took effect, a 25% hike over the same July-to-October period last year.

The police issued 190 summonses since the summer, about the same as last year. Fines range from $50 to $175.

Overhauled for the first time in three decades, the new code cracks down on noisemakers like jackhammers, bars and clubs, lawn mowers and even ice cream trucks.

The city counted 763 complaints since July that idling ice cream trucks were ringing that infernal jingle, up from 482 the same period last year.

Hamilton Heights logged in 2,527 complaints to 311 since July, up from 2,039 during the same period last year.

Many area residents, however, think complainers should put a sock in it.

"It's a lot better than it was a few years ago. People just need to relax," said Eric Feezo, 35, who lives across the street from Jazz Club at 150th St. and St. Nicholas Ave.

"I think a lot of people with too much time on their hands have been making a lot of phone calls," said life-long Hamilton Heights resident Latoya Robinson, 22.

"If you want to find out where the noise is coming from, check the police precinct," she added.

"They make more noise than anyone."

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Jkwanza: Dec 4, 2007 2:48:32 PM Some people just don't have any respect for anyone, therefore they blast the music at unecessarily high levels . . . it makes me sick, no one wants to hear your music, get head phones and blast away and let everyone else live their lives peacefully!

kitty62862: Dec 4, 2007 4:19:22 PM If you have ever been tormented by a neighbor's television, stereo, etc, when you are exhausted, have a headache, or just want to do something else, you'd understand. Anything you do in your house/apartment should not be audible outside your door/window, period. It isn't fair. You ain't payin' my rent, why am I listening to your crap? I got tormented for six years by neighbors who should have lost their lease for the harrassment...yet no one could do a thing. Talk about getting a life, since when is parking at the curb, and blasting your car stereo a life????????? The latest nonsense: using one's CELL PHONE for a freaking boom box first thing in the morning on the train...get real!

amsoulman: Dec 4, 2007 10:18:13 PM I agree with Jkwanza and kitty62862! I live in Hamilton Heights, and have only for a short time. And during that time, I see and definitely hear the idiots that decide to blast on their horn at either a school bus, or someone trying to get out of their parking spot! And cabs are the worst! And what about the jerks who want to get a friend outside? Instead of actually getting their lazy rear-ends out of the car, they blast the horn, and/or get out and yell at the top of their lungs! Even at 4:00 AM! Can't some people have enough common sense to know that they are GOING to wake someone up? I guess not...... I've seen some really stupid, ignorant people, but around that area, they take the cake!

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