Monday, December 27, 2004

Ohio election action

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From the desk of Reverend Jesse Jackson
December 27, 2004

I want to express my thanks for everything Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) has done to keep the investigations into tampering and fraud in the 2004 election alive and in the public eye. The work of PDA's grassroots activists helped bring media attention to the election fraud hearings held in Ohio, rallied the House Minority Judiciary Committee to confront the issue of voter fraud, and has forced members of Congress to take the election fraud issue seriously.

I ask you to join in the next wave of election-related actions. We must let the politicians know that we're here, we're watching, and we demand every vote be counted and that every vote count. This is not about whether Bush stole another election, it's about fundamental civil and democratic rights. We must work to change the current system, or we'll continue to have disreputable politicians denying the vote to African Americans, Latinos, youth, and others for years to come.
Please visit the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition website for more information about the upcoming Rallies for Democracy. You may contact George Korn at 740-953-1130 for logistical information.

Additionally, I urge you to go to the PDA website and follow their latest Action Alert which targets a second round of Senators, including John Kerry. In less than 72 hours PDA members were responsible for over 23,000 emails being sent to six U.S. Senators urging at least one of them to join progressive House members in challenging the election results on January 6, 2005. Many of you took the first action. Now we need to contact this second group of Senators as well. Please send this message on to your friends and email lists and ask them to send the action alert also.

Next month we will pause to remember the sacrifice of Dr. Martin Luther King. I ask that you remember him not only in spirit, but in deed. His words ring as true today as ever, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Commit to taking action in the streets as a tribute to his memory. Two historic rallies will be held at the beginning of January. Start the New Year off right and get involved.

Rainbow/PUSH, PDA, UFPJ, the Greens, and other progressive activists are sponsoring a Pro-Democracy Rally in Columbus, Ohio on January 3rd, 2005.

If you can't be there, ask your friends in the area to attend. Encourage them to add their voices to the chorus.

On the 3rd, we will ask our politicians to stand up for democracy. On the 6th we will be there to support them as they do. A massive Pro-Democracy Rally will be held in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2005, with complementary rallies throughout the country. Take a day off for democracy and join with us as we demand an end to separate and unequal elections, to a system that lends itself to manipulation and fraud. Votes are the building blocks of our democracy, and we must not take them for granted.

We seek to do a glorious thing, and we will be triumphant if we stand together.

Keep Hope Alive

Rev. Jesse Jackson

phone: (877) 368-9221

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